Emily De La Torre is a Psychotherapist, Nationally Board Certified Counselor and a Performance Coach specializing in the financial services industry.

Emily received a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Science and a Minor in Psychology from New Mexico State University.  She also earned a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education; Marital, Couple, Family Therapy from Portland State University.


During her undergraduate studies in New Mexico, Emily began her career in sales at a high volume call center with Farm Bureau Financial Services.  After quickly proving her success in securing lucrative cases through cold calls, she moved up to train other employees on how to overcome rejections and professional setbacks. While studying for her Master’s degree in counseling, Emily continued her work in financial services with New York Life Insurance Corp. as a registered assistant. She was a speaker for agency trainings, worked with advisor teams and incorporated a psychological framework when conceptualizing cases and implementing benefit plans for large employers. Now, she works  alongside Mass Mutual Oregon doing advanced level performance coaching and pioneering innovative programs rooted in psychology to enhance recruiting, selecting and overall production.

Emily currently runs a private counseling practice in Vancouver, WA where she specializes in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial couples. Through consulting, she now employs her education and training in psychology to help advisors face mental blocks, expand emotional intelligence and focus on the business imperatives that drive success.


Business consulting includes collaborating with agencies, managers, agents and leadership teams to implement strategic professional development approaches for application in the workplace in order to optimize performance. The result is a customized strategic plan that is designed to elevate success, improve retention and increase production. Approaches often focus on mindset, emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication in order to meet organizational goals that also benefit the individual person.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching sessions are designed to help advisors reach their full potential and cultivate a healthy platform of emotional intellect that will propel them to succeed in the industry. During our video calls, we examine and work within the four components of emotional intelligence.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

Through performance coaching, we will expand awareness and develop action-based steps to elicit positive business results.

Recruiting and Selecting

A cutting edge approach
to Recruiting and Selecting

Selection interviews are designed through a combination of quantitative results (such as the Hogan), resume, position upon entry and relevant information provided from management. From this information, an individually tailored qualitative interview is developed in order to assess candidate fitness.

All interviews come complete with a comprehensive full-page report of strengths, growth/coaching areas and potential red flags. These reports are designed to help general managers and sales managers know how to best anticipate a recruits character and coach them effectively.